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What is Amplify?

At McMillan, we work with companies at every stage in the corporate life cycle: from inception through exit. As part of Startups @ McMillan we work alongside entrepreneurs who need legal advice in a broad range of industries including: apps, media technology, craft distilling and brewing, biotech innovation, Cannabis and Cannatech, Cleantech, agribusiness industries, gaming technology, and so many more. Amplify is a fee structure designed to help startups get the legal support they need to start, grow and launch their next big idea.

Amplify is a fee deferral program that enables entrepreneurs, innovators and emerging ventures to magnify the effect of their legal spend by allowing some flexibility. The program is set up to help alleviate the sometimes heavy upfront legal costs associated with setting up your business properly. As with all clients of Startups @ McMillan, our hope is to build a partnership as you create and grow your business, and over time, become your trusted legal advisor.

What You Get With Amplify

  • Deferred Legal Fees

    Qualified clients will receive up to $30,000 of deferred legal fees

  • Tech-Savvy Legal Counsel

    Access to tech-savvy legal counsel with a wide range of know-how across major business centres in Canada, and legal expertise in everything from corporate/commercial to intellectual property, employment to litigation, real estate to tax

  • Ongoing Services

    Ongoing legal services post-Amplify with fee structures that support your business model and suit your unique business needs

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How Does It Work?

To apply for the Amplify program, it takes three simple steps:
  • Schedule an initial complimentary consultation so we can better understand your business and your needs

  • Complete an application to be submitted to our Amplify committee

  • If your startup qualifies for Amplify, we’ll defer up to $30,000 in legal fees to be paid later (subject to certain conditions)