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What is Amplify?

At McMillan, we work with companies at every stage in the corporate life cycle: from inception through exit. As part of Startups @ McMillan we work alongside entrepreneurs who need legal advice in a broad range of industries including: apps, media technology, craft distilling and brewing, biotech innovation, Cannabis and Cannatech, Cleantech, agribusiness industries, gaming technology, and so many more. Our Amplify™ legal services program is designed to help startups get the legal support they need to start, grow, and launch their next big idea.

The Amplify™ program enables entrepreneurs, innovators and emerging ventures to magnify the effect of their legal spend. As with all clients of Startups @ McMillan, our hope is to build a partnership as you create and grow your business, and over time, become your trusted legal advisor.

What You Get With Amplify

  • Tech-Savvy Legal Counsel

    Access to tech-savvy legal counsel with a wide range of know-how across major business centres in Canada, and legal expertise in everything from corporate/commercial to intellectual property, employment to litigation, real estate to tax

  • Ongoing Services

    Ongoing legal services post-Amplify with fee structures that support your business model and suit your unique business needs

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