Radical I/O wanted a legal service that believed in their vision of doing good things in the world while building interesting technology and solving big challenges. Radical I/O also saw app companies in Vancouver who specialized in web or mobile, but didn’t see anyone who could handle the specialized and fulsome needs of enterprise software customers, particularly in regards to data APIs and system integrations. But they needed a legal team to help them achieve their ambitious goals.


McMillan was very involved in supporting App Camp for Girls campaign and offered a responsive service and support with time and money. “They go above and beyond to support values-based technology initiatives,” said Briana Sim, co-founder & COO, Radical. Ryan Black became a point-person for Radical I/O on areas including trademarks and employment items but also included team members who specialized in those areas. “They are a trusted, one-stop shop for us,” said Sim.

With the support of McMillan Startups, Radical I/O was able to launch App Camp For Girls to Vancouver while growing their company at the same time. More recently, they were awarded the contract to partner with the City of Richmond to help them realize their digital strategy goals and create a strong base for their future Smart City initiatives.