Spacio wanted to further establish itself as a leader in enterprize solutions for automating open houses. To do this, they needed to offer customers – who are brokers and franchises – real-time analytics on their business by replacing the manual process of paper lead capture and implementing a digital solution. A lot of these steps required seamless and urgent turnaround. They needed a legal team that could work quickly on whim so that Spacio could take advantage of a potential business opportunity. McMillan Startups proven track record of integrity and responsive decision-making made it a natural fit for the partnership to flourish.


McMillan’s Startup team were able to prioritize their focus on Spacio’s need for a rapid response and to meet tight deadlines that sometimes were given at a moment’s notice. “In a Startup everything has to happen very quickly as decisions change on a whim,” said the Co-founder of Spacio, Melissa Kwan. “When there’s an opportunity on the table and you rely on your partners (lawyers, accountants, advisors) to help in capturing that, it’s important they value the opportunity as much as you and get back to you as soon as possible. This is where McMillan excels beyond any other firm we have worked with.”


Through flexible and responsive legal advice that has allowed Spacio to move quickly on critical business decisions, the company has been able to hit profitability within two years of the product being on the market with very little capital raised.